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About NickTaylor.org.uk

This site was designed by Nick Taylor for his own self-indulgence.

If you have any comments about the content of this site or wish to submit a link, picture or recipe for inclusion, please e-mail me!


The content of this site used to be found at drzaza.co.uk, which is no more. drzaza.com has risen from its ashes, however.

For those of you wishing to know, ‘drzaza’ means nothing. For those really wishing to know, the word was made up by Nick many moons ago as his ‘handle’ for a plethora of ‘DJ’ mix tapes – a shortened version of the original ‘drzava zaza’ (drzava being the Serbo-Croat word for ‘the State’ (/nation), and zaza Nick's schoolbook grafiti tag – ‘the state of zaza’). Crikey, are you still reading this?