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Phew! What a month! Our son Noah Alexander Taylor was born on 7th December 2009, weighing in at 7lb 3oz. He's growing fast and doing really well. Four days after he was born we moved house... a few days later it was my birthday, and a week after that the inlaws arrived for Christmas!

Our firstborn Isla Grace Taylor, is growing and developing fast. She's loved walking around her new home and having Grandad and Granny Smith staying for Christmas.

The cycling possee completed in September their 2009 tour from Thessaloniki to Athens.

Most of our latest pics have been all about Isla, surprise surprise. The latest on this site are from our trip to Valencia in May 2008, at the end of another cycling possee adventure: our longest tour yet, travelling from Bilbao to Valencia

See the Photos pages for pics from previous cycling adventures, Vix and my trip to Italy on our honeymoon, our wedding, and much much more

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Latest Noah Taylor has arrived!

Noah Taylor

Noah's sister Isla just got her first pair of shoes

The cycling possee's tour of Greece

On the way to Delphi