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Valencia 2008

After cycling from Bilbao to Valencia with Steve, John and Pete, I met up with Vix, as well as Xiaoyun and Leon, Clare and Celia, and Kirsty and Maisie for a bit of a knees up and a relax in Valencia.


Nick and Vix in Plaza Ayuntamiento






The Opera House


The Hemisferic


Nick and Vix


The Museum of Science


Inside the Aquarium


Vix at the Aquarium


Jelly fish


Inside the Aquarium


Outside the Cathedral before Corpus Christi


Outside the Cathedral before Corpus Christi


John and Leon in Las Cuevas


Empty plates and glasses at Las Cuevas


Nick at Las Cuevas


Vix at Las Cuevas


Clare, Pete and Vix at Las Cuevas


Jake at Las Cuevas


Most of the gang at Las Cuevas


Jake, Clare and Celia, and some Agua Valencia


Steve and Maisie


The gang about to enjoy Paella at La Pepica


Clare, Jake and Celia at La Pepica


Xiaoyoun and Leon at La Pepica